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Our Approach

BioLounge is a cutting-edge longevity and functional medicine clinic offering the latest scientific and medical advances to help patients extend lifespan, reverse disease, and prevent illness. Through advanced diagnostics, BioLounge providers assess your unique risk factors and intervene with evidence-based tools to optimize health and wellbeing.

Some of the many available diagnostic tools include biological age testing, advanced cardiovascular assessments, food sensitivity testing, intracellular micronutrient testing, advanced cognitive testing, microbiome assessments, continuous glucose monitoring and many others.  Beyond our access to advanced diagnostics, our providers take time to practice thorough and comprehensive intakes and health histories to develop a deep understanding of the individual factors that affect each of their patient's current health and future goals.  Patients report feeling heard, understood, educated and empowered when they interact with BioLounge providers.  

Treatments at BioLounge emphasize whole-body wellness using the latest natural and conventional therapies. Some of the many innovative treatments include testosterone replacement for men, clinical nutrition support, intravenous (IV) therapy, thyroid therapy, biological hormone replacement therapy for women, microbiome and gut optimization, advanced metabolic tracking and treatment, and cutting-edge anti-aging treatments. Click here to learn more about our providers.