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About Us

BioLounge is a cutting-edge longevity clinic that uses the latest scientific and medical advances to help patients extend lifespan, reverse disease, and prevent illness. In a beautiful high-end space in Portland, Oregon, the experienced medical staff offers anti-aging and functional medicine treatments to help clients achieve peak health and wellness.

Through advanced diagnostics, the BioLounge can assess health and then intervene with tools to optimize health. Some of the many available diagnostic tools include biological age testing, advanced cardiovascular assessments, food allergy testing, advanced cognitive testing, and many others.

Treatments at BioLounge emphasize whole-body wellness using the latest natural therapies. Some of the many innovative treatments include testosterone replacement for men, clinical nutrition support, intravenous (IV) therapy, thyroid therapy, biological hormone replacement therapy for women, and cutting-edge anti-aging treatments.

For client convenience, BioLounge offers retail products like supplements on their website, where they also feature an educational blog.

At this time, the BioLounge team is welcoming new clients to learn about biohacking, the process of altering biochemistry for peak health. Use online scheduling, or call to book an appointment today.

1741 NW 24th Ave
Portland, OR 97210
Phone: 971-205-5041
Fax: 844-364-2677
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