Health Hero Show: COVID-19, Corona Virus Science and Strategies with Jeff Grimm

In this episode Tim James interviews Nurse Practitioner Jeff Grimm to chat about the Corona virus, the science behind it and some strategies to deal with it like avoiding IBUPROPEN which can make it much worse! They also chat about how fresh foods, juicing and fasting can boost the immune system to deal with any health issue that you may be dealing with.


Movement is Medicine Podcast

In this episode, Dr O and Jeff Grimm cover a wide range of topics: coronavirus (Covid-19), benefits of Vitamin C, healing properties of mushrooms, cancer, the importance of vitamin D, hydration, how to boost your immune system, importance of sleep, stress, the aging process and how to slow it, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (N.A.D), weight loss, growth hormone, fasting (including intermittent fasting), ketones and ketosis, eating vegan, research on a plant-based diet.