Bio-hacking is a relatively new term. Early pioneers like Tim Ferris and Dave Asprey sought simple, yet powerful solutions for tweaking body chemistry and performance. Many of these interventions are aimed at weight loss, improving cognitive performance, promoting longevity, improving sleep, sports performance, sex drive and cellular regeneration.

As well, modern scientific advances have led to an influx in new wearable technology that can track many key body metrics like sleep and heart rate variability.

At BioLounge, we seek to provide consumers with some of the latest biometric devices as well as products and services one can use to better understand and thus "hack" one's biology.

A Few of Our Offerings

  • The Oura Ring (
  • Glucose monitoring devices
  • Ketone Test strips
  • Fasting Mimicking Diet Programs (
  • Sleep hacks
  • Genetic Testing Kits
  • Smart drugs and nutrients for brain health
  • Blue-blocking technology
  • Viome Microbiome testing
  • Superfoods and supernutrients

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