Stephen Harris, RN

IV Infusion Specialist & Registered Nurse located in Portland, OR


Stephen Harris

IV Infusion Specialist & Registered Nurse

Stephen Harris is an RN with 10+ years of Emergency Department experience and 6 years working event medicine. He started Good IV in 2015 and has been taking care of Portlanders for a variety of conditions from chronic and acute illnesses to hangovers. “I am confident in our abilities to both treat you, our clients safely and effectively, while creating an experience that will leave you feeling recharged and ready to face the day. Portland loves its healthy lifestyles. It's our mission to help Portland enjoy that lifestyle to the fullest.

He obtained his BSN from North Carolina Central University in 2008 and worked for Duke Hospital Emergency Dept for 3 years before arriving in Portland where he spent his following years in the Providence Hospitals Emergency Dept. When Stephen is not caring for clients he is exploring the outdoors and going on adventures with his little girl. 

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