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The best way to treat disease is to identify the underlying condition before you start showing symptoms. At BioLounge in Portland, Oregon, the team’s board-certified functional medicine providers deliver a holistic approach to care. The team’s clinical nutritionist holds a master’s degree in both functional medicine and human nutrition to provide comprehensive functional medicine and nutritional services to their patients. To schedule an appointment with BioLounge, call the office, or book a visit online now.

Functional Medicine Q & A

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a patient-centered approach to care that combines holistic and integrative medicine for comprehensive treatment. Although conventional medicine focuses on reducing the symptoms of disease, functional medicine addresses the underlying problem to eliminate both the disease and its symptoms.

Because functional medicine treats the whole person, it never relies on a one-size-fits-all treatment. At BioLounge, patients receive a variety of testing services, nutrition programs, monitoring devices, and supplements to diagnose and treat their unique health concerns.

Which types of conditions can functional medicine treat?

Functional medicine focuses on preventing disease and treating the underlying condition before you start exhibiting symptoms. This helps ensure you maintain optimal health throughout your life. Some of the most common conditions that functional medicine helps treat and prevent include:


Diabetes is a chronic condition that develops because of high blood sugar levels. Glucose (sugar) is the main source of energy that your body takes from the food you eat. The pancreas makes a hormone called insulin that helps take that glucose and send it to your cells for energy. Diabetes occurs when your body doesn’t produce any insulin or doesn’t use it properly. This leaves a buildup of glucose in your blood, which can lead to serious conditions like heart disease and vision loss.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel syndrome primarily affects the large intestine and causes more muscle contractions than is normal. This leads to abdominal cramping, constipation, diarrhea, gas, and even mucus in your stool.


Hypertension, or high blood pressure, happens when the force of blood against the walls of your blood vessels is too high. Without treatment, hypertension can lead to stroke and heart disease.

Cognitive decline

Cognitive decline affects your memory as well as your ability to learn new things, concentrate, and make decisions on your own. The most common type of cognitive decline is dementia, a telltale sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

How does functional medicine work?

There are several primary goals in functional medicine, including balanced hormones, healthy gut function, healthy nutrition, and regular exercise. To ensure you reach these goals, the BioLounge team designs a personalized treatment plan that’s right for you.

Before creating your plan, the team uses a combination of different testing services to identify your needs and deficiencies, including:

  • Genetic testing
  • Glucose monitoring devices
  • Blood tests
  • Urinalysis
  • Stool testing

Once they determine the root cause of your condition, the team can identify dietary treatments, supplements, and lifestyle changes that can help improve your overall health.

To schedule an appointment with BioLounge, call the office, or book online today.